The Matriculation Examination Certificate

A candidate receives a Matriculation Examination Certificate following the examination period when he or she has passed all the compulsory tests. The certificate shows the compulsory and additional tests passed, together with their levels and grades. The Matriculation Examination Certificate is blue in colour.

Certificate issued by the Matriculation Examination Board

A person who has successfully passed the Matriculation Examination may retake a test that he or she has already passed, or supplement his or her examination with an additional test. Such tests are of equal value with the tests in the original examination, and the candidate receives a separate certificate of them. The certificate is brown in colour. Together with the original Matriculation Examination Certificate it is as valid as the original examination certificate.

Extract from the Matriculation Examination Register

If a candidate is taking his or her examination in the course of several examination periods, he or she may request an extract from the Matriculation Examination Register showing all the tests that he or she has taken to date.

Duplicates and translations of certificates

Matriculates can order a duplicate of their original Matriculation Examination Certificate or of their certificate of additional tests. They may also order a translation of their certificate in Finnish, Swedish or English. Duplicates and translations are subject to charge, and their time of delivery from the Board is approximately two weeks. More information about orders can be found on our web page in Finnish and in Swedish.